Jake Herbig

My greatest core belief as a designer is that having persistence is the key to creating something that will inspire change. 

I have my BFA in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University. My hobbies include photography and digital imaging, which enables me to bring a unique perspective into my work.

Heinz x Nasa

Silver / Academy of Art
Spring Show ‘19

->   Advertising campaign

To make Heinz children's go-to ketchup brand we partnered with NASA for its Manned Mars Mission to supply all the condiments needed for the five year trip. Because if there is going to be ketchup on Mars, it has to be Heinz.


Jake Herbig: Art direction, content management, and visual design.

Yash Ram: Copy writing, conceptualization, and scripting.

Kewei Zhu: Art direction, motion graphics, and visual design.