Jake Herbig

My greatest core belief as a designer is that having persistence is the key to creating something that will inspire change. 

I have my BFA in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University. My hobbies include photography and digital imaging, which enables me to bring a unique perspective into my work.


Finalist / Academy of Art
Spring Show ‘19

->   UI/UX design

GroupNow is a social networking platform that aims to assist art/design students to share, learn and network. The application allows students to connect face-to-face with other peers who need constructive feedback.


Eriq Huang: Ideation, Conceptualization, Interface Design, User Testing, and Rapid Prototyping.

Jake Herbig: UX Research, Writing, and Visual Design.


Students are frustrated in receiving inadequate feedback. There is a need to find a diverse and collaborative community to ask, share, critique, and present art/design projects.


Providing an online space where art/design students can share their work and get rapid feedback to help foster a community of collaboration.

Having the ability to host a weekly study group and include a socializing function will be the most important aspect to focus on development.

Providing a platform that can connect available mentors or instructors to students will help in the development and cultivation of new talent.


Survey Results

User Interviews

User Quotes


Insight 1

What are the main goals/motivations that make students want to connect with others?

Learning different skill sets and getting feedback from other fields.

Seeking out networking and job opportunities.

Finding a collaborator and seeking help on improvement for current projects.

Insight 2

What factors are concerning to students when joining a group critique?

Professionalism. They want to be respected and heard when presenting.

Agreeable timetable. A schedule that can work with their own.

Finding people who value attentiveness, trustworthiness, and honesty.

Insight 3

What are the pain points in seeking feedback from people?

When people give incomplete or imperfect feedback.

Facebook is too informal for seeking critique and LinkedIn is too formal.

Working with people I did not want or choose.

Moving On

Initial Goal

Create a platform for design students who want to got to critique sessions and get feedback like they would face-to-face, while also efficiently network with peers.

Updated Goal

Design and update the interface to better suit the average design student seeking constructive criticism and networking opportunities, user research and testing.


High Fidelity Prototype

->   Clickable

Final Screens

Major Changes

There are seven versions in total, and I’m showing four important screens from the user interface side by side, on which we can follow the changes between the last four major iterations.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Finalist / Academy of Art
Spring Show ‘19

Version 4