Jake Herbig

My greatest core belief as a designer is that having persistence is the key to creating something that will inspire change. 

I have my BFA in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University. My hobbies include photography and digital imaging, which enables me to bring a unique perspective into my work.


Bronze / Academy of Art
Spring Show '20

->   Iot & UI/UX design

Oso is an IoT smart sleeping solution that will promote a good night’s sleep by intuitively balancing the overall environment of light, sound, aroma, and temperature for the user.


Jake Herbig, PM & UX Designer
UX Research, Writing, and Visual Design.

Eriq Huang, Product Design Lead
Research and development of an IoT sleeping solution.

Emily Ho, UI/UX Lead
UX Research, Writing, and Visual Design.

Design Objective

The main goal of our team is to build a complete IoT solution, aimed at solving the real-world problem of delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) through validation of market research and user testing.

Competitive Audit

Hatch Rest


Formerly Hatch Baby, the new Hatch Rest is a baby sound machine and audio monitor. The product comes in two models, $60 for the standard and $90 for the deluxe.


The Two-way Audio Monitor gives parents the ability to talk and listen to their children call for them.

Being Alexa-Enabled allows for the adjustment of lights and volume without lifting a single finger.

Wifi Connection gives the user control from anywhere, even when away.


Addition of an extra button for customizing a cycle for the lights.

Have the option for the user to play custom tracks or other bedtime music.

Ability to dim the lights when it is time to go to bed to darken the room.

Toonie Alarm


Win cool and funny stickers for waking up at a certain time. Toonie is a free alarm app that can make your day brighter with cute animations.Goal-oriented people who appreciate small incentives and funny toons.


It provides an incentive-based rewards system to motivate users to wake up on time.

Interactive UI animations that graphically explain different features of the app.

The ability to instantly share achievements or fun stickers with friends and family.


Include more metrics to track productivity and wake up consistency.

Work on becoming Siri enabled to promote a “hands-free” experience.

Attempt to reach a new marketing strategy to grow the products user base.

Key Terms

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

Is a sleep disorder that occurs when a person's circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle, see below) is delayed from the typical day/night cycle.  People with delayed sleep phase have a natural tendency to go to bed and wake up later.

Circadian Rhythms

Can be defined as a person’s internal clock that regulates a normal sleep/wake cycle based on solar time. This process works by transmitting light information from the retina to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, which helps regulate about 40% of the body’s activities.

Sleep Disorders

There are more than 80 different sleep disorders. Most adults need about 7–8 hours each night; sleep disorders are conditions that disturb a person’s normal sleep patterns.

Expert Input

Jen Kerner

->   8-year sleep apnea patient

Must do a sleep study every few years to have insurance pay (out of pocket + $1000) for a new CPAP because she has mild sleep apnea.

Gregory Marcus

->   Director UCSF Cardiology

A standard medical-grade EKG gives 12 readings vs 1 that an Apple Watch gives.

C. Seth Landefeld

->   Department of Medicine, UAB

The EKG feature on the Apple Watch is new and doctors are worried about the precision.

New Direction

What This Means

It can take medical professionals years to get a product market ready for serious sleeping disorders. Putting a custom experience in the hands of the average consumer, without proper regulation, can be dangerous for the user’s health.

New Target Market

As a group, we decided to target a wider audience based on findings from the preliminary research. To appeal to the new target market, the IoT solution will have to pass on more serious sleeping problems to focus on more common sleep disorders.

Affinity Mapping

Initial Insights


Process Photos

Moving On


Most users use a device to relax before going to bed and have a hard time keeping a consistent sleep pattern.

Keeping the IoT device small and with a minimalistic design will help push overall customer satisfaction.

People want to be woken up gradually with whatever solution we apply to the IoT product.

Influence On Design

Reducing stress levels and light exposure are the two most important factors to a good night's sleep.

The IoT product needs to include the option for personalization, with light as a primary solution, and be listed at an affordable price point.

The relationship of space between the user and IoT product will vary based on factors such as roommates, room layout, and size.


User Testing

After we made some initial assumptions to help us better understand our users. Throughout testing notes and feedback were taken into consideration for each round of iteration.


Rounds 1-3

Rounds 6-8

Final Screens

Iot R&D

Building an IoT device was an immense challenge, but the most important thing we took into consideration when building the prototype, was implementing sustainable design.

Making an MVP

To prepare for the Ideate showcase, as a group we decided to build a minimum viable product to put on display. This process involved 3D printing, textile fabrication, and package design.

Final 3D Model

Final Screens

Hi-Fi Prototype