Jake Herbig

My greatest core belief as a designer is that having persistence is the key to creating something that will inspire change. 

I have my BFA in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University. My hobbies include photography and digital imaging, which enables me to bring a unique perspective into my work.


->   UI/UX design

Yunder is an app that enables travelers to save time during the airport entry process. The app aims to allow the travelers to browse a variety of convenient food options and place orders in advance.


Travelers want to eat quality food at the airport before their flight and sometimes they can't because of unexpectedly long wait times at the TSA screening process in an airport.

Project Goal

Build an experience with software that makes it simple for travelers to find food options in an airport for those who are running late or are undecided about where to travel to.

Competitive Analysis

Flio App

The app optimizes your time at the airport and makes your travel experience more enjoyable


Fred Frequent

“I hate just waiting around. I just want to get food man!”


Mostly between 24 - 45 years of age and is working a full-time job. Travels for work, but more frequently for leisure.

Has Traveled most, if not all of their life.

Likes to travel to experience culture and see new places.

Computer savvy and doesn’t mind using airport apps.


Hates experiencing long wait times.

Hates going through security checks.

Fears that luggage will be stolen or misplaced in transport.

Fears that they would miss a flight and will change their initial plans.

Needs & Wants

Needs to know what gate the plane is at to make the flight.

Needs to make their flight for an important business trip.

Wants to know if there will be a delay on an upcoming flight.

Wants to expedite the TSA security screening process.

Survey Results

->  Results from 40 responses

User Interviews

From the initial user data, I decided to individually expand on the biggest pains of TSA wait times, flight delays, and expensive airport food.

User Quotes

->   Color-coded from above

Raeven Y.

“Okay, so I think food is expensive. I think that is obvious, but I think the food is not bad. I think they should be a little better quality though.”

Grace W.

“Okay, so I easily spend like $30 to $40 in an airport, a bottle of water is $4 or $5. And then like, if you got a snack, it’s another $10.”

Krithika S.

“I’m probably standing for the immigration line around like two hours. And I honestly think they could open up more counters or be more efficient in that way.”

Survey Results

->   14 individual interviews


Assumption 1

People will generally feel satisfied with the safety and security TSA provides. However, waiting in line at airport security will be one of the biggest pain point travelers have.

Learning 1

Unlike the user survey and group synthesis, the individual results show an increase in the amount of unsatisfactory with TSA. Most of the complaints revolve around luggage and random pat downs.

Assumption 2

Travelers avoid purchasing airport food because of how expensive it is. If people were more informed on their options it would encourage them to buy more food at the airport.

Learning 2

Some people have pleasant experiences with airport cuisine. Food will always be more expensive, but the quality varies on a case by case basis because every airport is different.

Moving On

What This Means

After numerous trips to the airport, travelers have developed certain expectations. Long wait times can be considered a given until advancements beyond existing technology have been made.


Design an app the takes advantage of the long wait times by making it simple for travelers to find food options in an airport and place orders in advance.



User Testing

Based on the feedback from 10 people I made 2 rounds of changes that drastically altered the flow of the app.

User Flow

Hi-Fi Prototype

Final Screens